Waterbeach Brass

A fun and friendly third section band in Cambridgeshire

Waterbeach Brass Players

Principal CornetJohn Harrison
Soprano CornetNigel Armstrong
Solo CornetAdeline Colussi
Felicity Bartholomew
Keith Blomerley
Charlie Burton
Andrew Cooper *
Chris Burt *
Repiano CornetClaire Haskins
2nd CornetRob Turnbull
Tom Holroyd
3rd CornetGraham Story
Victor Jennings
Flugel HornPam O'Connor
Solo HornJohn Butcher
1st HornHannah Felstead
2nd HornDave Pell
1st BaritoneDave Amann
2nd BaritoneJim Pringle
Charlotte Wood
Principal EuphoniumJonathan Hunt
2nd EuphoniumSarah Green
Solo TromboneSteve Moore
2nd TromboneSarah Thornton
Bass TromboneNeil Bennett
Eb BassRuth Coleman
Carl Rolfe
Bb BassBrian Thulborn
Dave Perkins
Richard Dean
Drumkit/PercussionTony Richards
Felicity Lewis

(* band members not eligible to play in contests)

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of paid-up members of the band.
It is indicative of the personnel who are currently playing with us.

Are you interested in playing with us? Do get in touch... Contact us.

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